Quick History

Cheryl & Son has been operating since 2017. Although the history of Cheryl & Son begins earlier then 2017.  Cheryl has been operating in the South Jersey area for over 25 years under the name Cheryl’s Paint and Paper. Her specialty was always full service interior painting and wallpaper removal but she was not afraid to learn different skills to make her a bigger asset on the job site. Cheryl always gave the option to her kids on weekends and during summer break to earn some money working along side her while painting and removing wallpaper. Nick, Barb, and Clarissa learned a ton working below her as an apprentice.

My mom always told me, “if you’re going to do something you better do it to the best of your ability… and then some.” She taught me to always put time into the fine details of work, because people notice and appreciate it.

To this day, I still hear those words in my head with everything that I do and aim to pass forward the same thought process to all of the people that work along side us. – Nick


Nick, the son half of Cheryl & Son, now runs the company from day to day performing estimates and working all of our projects. Cheryl still works on a lot of the projects we receive but also works a lot on her own side projects working for contractors performing rehab work. Clarissa and Barb have other full time commitments but paint with Cheryl & Son whenever they have the time. We also have other experienced painters and helpers to assist on any projects we have.