Wallpaper Removal has always been our family specialty

During summer breaks and weekends, Cheryl's children always assisted on wallpaper removal jobs and all were trained overtime to perform great work.

With years of experience under the families belt, we are confident we can tackle any job. Normally we will put together our family crew for wallpaper removal projects, given that everyone’s schedule lines up

Benefits Of Using Cheryl & Son For Your Wallpaper Removal Project

  • We have the labor power needed to strip any amount of wallpaper

  • We have the skills needed to perform wall repairs afterwards

  • Your Floors will have 2x protection when spraying wallpaper removal solution

  • Competitive pricing with the customer in mind

  • You can have your room primed and painted right afterwards with our interior painting services!

We’ve experienced all types of wallpaper removal jobs, so whatever you need we can do whether your have a whole house, small room, or even curved walls.



How does our pricing work?

We charge a base cost for the wallpaper removal to cover things like materials and then at the completion of the job we bill $20 per man hour for the services we provide.

In the written proposal that we provide, we will include an estimated low cost and high cost for each room so you have an idea of how much you will be spending on the project.

Why don’t we charge a set price?

There are tons of variables that come into play when removing wallpaper that aren’t exactly¬† measurable before stripping the wallpaper. For an example, we really don’t know how many layers are underneath the first layer of wallpaper and we also do not know if the person who hung the wallpaper prepared the surface correctly. Also one walls could strip in 30 minutes and then another could take 4 hours. So what does this mean to you?

If we give you a set price for a wallpaper removal job, you could overpay severely because as a business, we have to bid for the worst case scenario to insure we don’t lose money.

Our new way of bidding wallpaper removal is designed to save you money by having you only pay for the labor that we perform.


We are confident that our services will leave you satisfied and save you the most amount of money.

So what are you waiting for? Request a free estimate by filling out this easy form today!