Wallpaper Removal has always been one of our family’s specialities.

Cheryl apprenticed her children on wallpaper removal skills during summer breaks and weekends as teenagers. This provided them with excellent training to continue the trade into adulthood.

With combined years of experience under the family’s belts, we are confident we can tackle any project we encounter.

Wallpaper Removal Process

Not all wall repair projects are the same. Wallpapering was a regular practice for decorating walls for many years. A common custom with wallpaper, was to cover it with additional layers of wallpaper when the time came to redecorate, or refinish. In some cases, multiple layers were applied throughout the years and the history of the home. 

Quoting an Accurate Estimate

To really know how many layers have been applied over the years, or what condition your walls may be in after the removal process, we must first begin removal procedures to evaluate what is going on under the surface. This is a standard part of the process that is necessary if the desired result is complete removal. It cannot be determined until after removal how well the original walls in your home were prepared prior to wallpapering. Because of this, it can become difficult to offer a flat rate during an estimate. At Cheryl & Son, wallpaper removal prices are based completely on the labor hours spent for your specific project. This prevents you as the client from overpaying for services your walls may not require in worst case scenarios.

Other refinishing options can be available contingent on the present-day quality of your walls. There are methods of covering over wallpaper and using it as a base to spackle a new smooth texture onto your walls. On occasion, this can be a simpler solution to your wall repair needs.


Reasons to choose Cheryl & Son for your wallpaper project!

  • We have the skills and capabilities to strip any amount of wallpaper and perform any necessary wall repairs subsequently.
  • Your flooring will be protected with dual layers of covering to prevent any damage while spraying wallpaper removal solution.
  • Your room will be ready for primer and paint immediately following wallpaper removal and wall repair procedures.
  • We are confident that our services will leave you satisfied and save you the most amount of money.

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