Cheryl & Son Painting is dedicated to providing high quality interior painting at an affordable price for South Jersey.

We are experienced in full service interior painting, which is just fancy way of saying whatever you need to get your walls looking perfect, we can do.

Why We Think We Are The Best Interior Painters For You:

Easy to Understand Free Estimate

Detailed Focus from Prep to Paint

On-time Estimates & Services

Experienced Crew of Painters & Helpers

We Clean Up Jobsite Daily

You can easily get an estimate by filling out an easy contact form on our website.

Or you can call 856-916-1350

We believe that every good paint job starts with the prep and planning.

That’s why we include caulking and nail repair whenever we paint the walls and trim in a room.

During the estimate, we will point out any major imperfections in the wall and give you the option if you would like it repaired. Having different quality options are great because you can decided where you want to spend your money when painting on a budget.

If your walls are in need of a lot repair, no problem. We can patch any holes, scrape/sand any paint runs, and we are able to skim coat your walls with spackle and make them smooth.

No matter the size project, we have the labor, equipment, and expertise to handle it

Our crew mostly uses brushes and rollers to complete our painting projects. Larger scale projects we may utilize our sprayers.

We typically use Sherwin Williams paint. We get great discounts from Sherwin Williams and we pass the savings directly to the customer. Usually we save 30%-50% because we order a lot of paint through them.

Typically we believe in applying 2 coats of paint to the ceilings, walls, trim, and doors to insure the project is completely perfect when we leave. Certain houses will only need 1 coat on the ceilings and trim and that will be discussed during the estimate process.

We paint with quality in mind on every job

Every project is fueled by wanting to do a good job for our client so we can hear them say, “We love it!”

Cheryl & Son takes pride in our work, and love the final day on a project where we can take a step back and look at the final product.

We hold our work to a high standards. So to insure every single job get to perfection, we have a “Straight Lines & Even Coats Guaranteed” policy. Which basically means if you are unsatisfied with the work we provide, we will continue working until you are happy.

One way we insure all of the lines are straight on trim is by using tape. We find that its one of the best ways to have the straightest lines possible.

Get your house painted by a company that cares.